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Next Concert June 14 2019


Hello. How’s everyone doing?


Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely spring! I am excited that its finally here after the stubborn April chill which has made it impossible for me to let go of my coat for a while..


I have an important announcement today.


Following the concert held on March 16, 2019, I will be ceasing business with the company who had run the concert management operation. I ask for your kind understanding as a few changes are made to the upcoming recital schedule.


Although the performance dates are specified in the flyers from previous recitals, I am afraid I have to cancel the recital scheduled for May 24 due to my health. Additionally, the recital scheduled for July 20 is no longer possible due to the repairing work being done on the chapel of the Temma Church.

The next concert will be held on :



June 14 Friday
Open 6:00pm Start 6:30pm



The concert will be featuring the Jazz Quintet “Arti-Sci” – a group I formed with my great friends-respected mentors of life in general as well as irreplaceable partners in music. We been active since getting together exactly a year ago. I cannot be happier to welcome all of you to the world of “Arti-Sci” !!




I am looking forward to seeing you in June!




Much love,